Poetry: A Challenge Often Underestimated

Most student poetry I read is mediocre for two reasons. First, emerging writers suppose that poetry MUST rhyme. This results in awkward meter and forced rhymes. Most emerging writers would be better off simply getting their thoughts onto paper without worrying about rhyme or meter.

Second, most emerging writers create vague poems that sound like Hallmark greeting cards. They offer general sentiments about love or friendship or mortality or whatever, but they fail to bring any of themselves into the work. Thus, it lacks originality and says virtually nothing.

Get your own experiences into your poetry and don't worry about rhyming. Instead of general sentiments that ANYONE could have written, you'll bring something unique to the table

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04.02 | 16:41

Glad you've enjoyed the book! My email is on the way!

11.11 | 17:19

I'm currently enjoying "Haunted Mukwonago" and would like to send a few comments to Rod Vick. If you can contact me, I'd appreciate it.

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24.08 | 10:42

I can soooooo relate to this, Rod. It's my writing day, too. I am laughing at my computer screen! You are so kind and patient with your fam & interruptions.

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