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A 100-plus year sports history of Mukwonago High School athletics, starting with the 1910 baseball team and covering virtually every sport. It's all here...the state championship that no one remembered, the first homecoming, the time the marching band set the football field on fire, the baseball game that went on so long that fans went home to have supper and then returned. For everyone who loves the blue and gold!

Delivery: Pick-up October 3, Mukwonago Community Library, 6:30-7:30 pm

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24.08 | 10:42

I can soooooo relate to this, Rod. It's my writing day, too. I am laughing at my computer screen! You are so kind and patient with your fam & interruptions.

07.06 | 21:36

This is my first twitter sign up. I am sure I will be wowed by your intellect. Twitter away.

04.08 | 17:44

Hi mr rod vick,
Thanks so much for the books and the free book i finished them all, and they were all so good. THANK YOU

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